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Credit Mediation

Bank customers who have not been able to hire or renegotiate credits may request mediation with Global Dream.

With mediation, it is intended to promote communication between the parties - bank client and credit institution - in order to reach an agreement and thus overcome situations of deadlock, or lack of understanding, in the credit relationship. 

Services for Individuals


Housing acquisition is certainly one of the most important and impactful decisions in a person's life.

Auto Credit

A vehicle represents, nowadays, an important means of transport that allows the widening of horizons, creation of opportunities and strengthening of personal and professional autonomy, with benefits for the individual, for his career and for the household.


In today's society, we are regularly exposed to various risks, so it is essential to hire the most appropriate insurance for each specific situation aimed at protecting our life and personal assets.

Business Services


Business financing solutions aimed at optimizing processes and choosing the best operational, strategic and financial solutions.

Leasing Solutions

Leasing Solutions Furniture and Real Estate for acquisition / construction of new facilities, industrial equipment, vehicles or other solutions.


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