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Building Rehabilitation 

Alvará: Nº101389 - PUB

To ensure the long-term conservation of buildings, building painting becomes an essential investment. Our outdoor painting service allows us to fill the problems of building degradation.

We clean and fill cracks and cracks, apply products that are isolated and waterproofing, and finally apply the paint of the desired color. Request a technical visit from our professionals and get a quote.

We make paintings of facades in buildings and villas, but we also work with interior paintings. In case you want to give new life to your home, wall painting is a way to completely transform the look of your home quickly and with less investment. We have at our disposal a catalogue of varied colors for all tastes. 

Painting buildings

We have a team of qualified professionals in the painting of buildings (new and old), namely through industrial mountaineering or with scaffolding, either at a private or business level.

Painting of Villas

We take due steps to ensure that the work of painting houses is carried out in the highest safety conditions, but also of cleaning, always seeking to cause the least possible inconvenience to the owners.

Façade Rehabilitation

We carry out the rehabilitation works on facades, proceeding to its thermal and acoustic insulation, restoration and reconstruction of surfaces, painting and waterproofing.


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